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March 2004

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03/10/2004: "another day"

My helper Alex had himself fired by not showing up. That wasn't the only reason but it gave the final push. These spanish workers are very, very hard-working if they show up. But unfortunately they are also very undependable. They will not steal, but they lie. They come and go. Luckily it takes only about 2 days to find a replacement. So I had another hectic day. But it's over and dishes are clean and I managed to pass another day of crisis with a smile. Always with a smile. My feet are a bit swollen but I don't feel all that tired.

Lara sent me email thanking me for the sushi class last Saturday. She also said that Micheal thinks I'm the "cat's meow."

The Japanese hair salon next door is coming along. They put the new aluminum frame up front and suddenly the space magically appeared en view. I thought about my friend Bartholomew who died in that space three years ago. He would like what they're doing to the space. He lived in the windowless dark storefront too long. I have a postcard he sent me when he was having the time of his life in Amsterdam on the wall behind the counter. Yes, that one with tulips. He was so nervous and excited about the trip, because he never travelled. I helped him get his passport and book hotels in Amesterdam and Paris. He never got to see SOY. But sometimes I feel that he's around. He's happy to see what I've done.

I need a vacation. And a hair cut.

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