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March 2004

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03/05/2004: "human washing machine - "hirb""

Did you see the article on the front page of New York Times today? Yes, another hi-tech robot Japan proudly presents: human washing machine named "hirb". It's kind of sad to see the old lady so happy trapped in this box. But she says it's comfortable, so I guess it's a good thing. Here is the article.
Japan loves robots, computers and anything automatic. Even local small retail grocery stores often have automatic doors. Taxi cabs all have automatic doors. It opens and closes for you. After I left Japan, this fascinated me everytime I went home. Plus those robotic looking pretty people who politely bows and greets you at the door of every department store. I'm pretty sure automatic flushing toilet is Japanese invention too. A big public restroom may have a display on the wall with lights and chimes to show which stool is vacant. (It's true! I've seen it in a train station!) I mentioned the hiney washing toilet seat, which is very popular for a long time. Every robotic pets are also Japanese invention, right?

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