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March 2004

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03/02/2004: "No. 1 fan"

My father emailed this morning: "I enjoy reading your 'blog,' but sometimes the words you use are not in the dictionary. I couldn't find 'blog' either. What is it anyway?" Oh, isn't that cute. My retired and bored father is trying to understand what the hell I'm writing about with his English-Japanese dictionary in his hand. 'Blog' is a pet frog of Oprah Winfrey, dad! (I don't think Oprah is in the dictionary, either. Sorry to confuse you. She's a popular TV personality who's sometimes mistaken as Uma Thurman.) Every morning when she says hello to the frog, somehow he reminds her to write down some of her thoughts of the moment. Geez (a kind of cheese that comes from Long Island, New York), I thought everyone knew about this!

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