Today's Specials

*some of our popular specials have*
*been added to our regular menu*

ginger string beans $6
harusame bean thread salad $6

today's miso soup
collard green & enoki mushroom $4.00

salmon teriyaki $14
miso pork $10

green tea cheesecake $5.75
tofu pudding
(green tea, sesame or chocolate) $4.95
green tea ice cream $4.25
green tea ice cream with red bean topping $4.75
our famous homemade chocolate chip cookie $1.
strawberry bread $3.50

ginger lemonade (cold) $3.25
or try it hot $2.75

special tea
kudzu tea with honey $2.00
(excellent remedy for Cold)
with ginger $2.50
with umeboshi $3.00

soy smoothie
green tea & red bean smoothie $5.50