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Cooking Classes at SOY

Spring/Summer Classes 2016
Currently open for registration:

Wed. April 20.....Sushi Master
Wed. May 4.....Sushi Master
Wed. May 11.....Basic Japanese Home Cooking
Sat. May 14.....Sushi Master
Wed. May 18.....Japanese Desserts
Wed. May 25.....Sushi Master
Wed. June 1.....Sushi Master
Sat. June 4.....Onigiri and Lunch Boxes
Wed. June 8.....Sushi Master
Wed. June 15.....Soy Cooking for Clueless
Sat. June 18.....My dumplings!
Wed. June 22.....Sushi Master
Wed. June 29.....Eat Your Veggies

Each class is complete in a single session. All classes are limited to 6 students since our kitchen is very small. It's a hands-on, intimate and practical cooking class. You'll learn easy recipes which don't need many special ingredients or tools. Previous knowledge of Japanese cooking is not required.

Registration: Now you can purchase seats right on this page! If you don't need Paypal account to check out- just look for "pay with credit/debit card" option under sign in window at check out. Also please add allergy/dietary restriction information if you have any. Full payment is required to reserve your seat. Cancellation policy: if cancellation is made more than 7 days from the date of the class, the fee will be refunded minus $10 cancellation fee per person. There will be no refunds within 7 days of the class. You may switch to other class, if available, up to 7 days of the class without penalty. If you would like to be on the wait list for any sold out class, please email us. Cancellations are rare, but sometimes it happens.

We also offer private class for minimum four students. "Custom menu" classes can also be arranged. Inquire within!

To receive future class updates, please email soylist-subscribe@soynyc.com to be added to our mailing list.

***Basic Japanese Home Cooking***
Wed. May 11, 6:30pm-9pm

Fee: $70
Learn basics of Japanese home cooking, such as how to cook rice, making dashi (soup stock) and miso soup, about necessary seasonings and common Japanese food products. We'll prepare a savory complete Japanese meal with fish and vegetables.

***SOY Cooking for Clueless***
Wed. June 15, 6:30pm-9pm

Fee: $70
Cooking with soybean products can be absolutely effortless.  They are great food for even those of you who are clueless in kitchen - you don't even need a real knife to cut a tofu! In this very informative class, you'll be introduced to all kinds of tofu and other soy food products, and learn to make delicious and easy soy dishes.

***Sushi Master***

 Wed. April 20, 6:30pm-9pm

Wed. May 4, 6:30pm-9pm

Sat. May 14, 6:30pm-9pm

Wed. May 25, 6:30pm-9pm

Wed. June 1, 6:30pm-9pm

Wed. June 8, 6:30pm-9pm

Wed. June 22, 6:30pm-9pm

Fee: $70

Always the most popular class! Learn how to cook sushi rice (the most important part of sushi!), prepare ingredients, and make your own sushi rolls like California rolls, tuna rolls, hand rolls, or veggie rolls of your choice.  You'll go home armed with the sushi rolling mat, and become your own sushi chef in your kitchen. Our most popular class- great to attend with friends and family.
***Japanese Dessert***
Wed. May 18, 6:30pm-9pm
Fee: $70
Traditional Japanese desserts are low or no fat, and healthy. Making rice desserts like mochi and dango are also very easy and fun, like playing with Play-Doh. You can make small batches to avoid guilty dessert binge.   I may also reveal secrets of tofu pudding…
***Onigiri and Lunch Boxes***
Sat. June 4, 12pm-2:30pm
Fee: $70

Let's make fun and delicious origiri (rice balls) to take to work or picnic. We'll also do simple dishes perfect for packing up in your lunch box.

***My Dumplings!***
Sat. June 18, 12pm-2:30pm
Fee: $70

There's nothing like home made dumplings! I'll be sharing my gyoza making skills which I mastered early in my childhood. Also on the table will be Shumai and Harumaki.

***Eat Your Veggies!***
Wed. June 29, 6:30pm-9pm
Fee: $70

It's a great season to enjoy all kinds of vegetables- wide variety of fresh produce fill markets all over town. In this class you will learn to eat vegetables in Japanese style. We'll cover different techniques and flavors to make quick Japanese salads as small plates.



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